Human Resources Services
In addition to our services of Executive search, Employee outsourcing and Manpower labour supply we also offer our client's a range of HR services.
We offer a comprehensive range of human resource solutions and services to meet the complete business needs of every client. Our team of experienced consultants help various organisations with with talent identification and retention initiatives, salary and compensation surveys, career progression plans, ERP system implementation, local labour laws and other HR development projects.
First Select offers training programs on an open to the public and tailored to the individual basis. Our team will work with a range of clients on consultative projects, providing expertise where required. Through analysing you or your companies needs, we can package together the most suitable training solution and then implement it as per your budget.
First Select offers a wide range of the world most renowned psychometric assessments. Using our online testing tools as part of your selection or development processes gives a broader, more complete view of an employee’s skills, behaviors and ensures objectivity. Results aim to identify intrinsic variables that will help you better allocate your personal focus or company resources to improve productivity and achieve success. All tests can be taking online on any PC with internet connection in 10-20 minutes and a detailed results report showing facts, graphs and recommendations is emailed instantly upon completion.
Assessment AED US Description
49 14 Assess work personality and leadership skills
49 14 Evaluate leadership potential
49 14 Measures the five principal personality traits
49 14 Evaluate one’s personality traits in the work
environment. What are they like to work with?
49 14 Evaluates emotional intelligence in the workplace
49 14 Evaluates reasoning abilities
49 14 What type of career most suitable for you?
49 14 Analyzes ones personality, attitude and abilities to
determine suitability for a role.
49 14 Who is the smartest person for the role?
49 14 Select the best sales force
49 14 Identify where your strengths and weaknesses in
sales and marketing lie
49 14 Reveals ones understanding abilities and how they
are able to adapt new information into a positive solution.
36 10 Assesses the depth of one’s general knowledge
36 10 Assess proficiency in business English
36 10 Assess proficiency in French Language
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